How to Stay Allergy-free in Spring?

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How to Stay Allergy-free in Spring?


Although all things are reviving and vibrant in spring, a variety of microbes, pollen and other allergens have also begun to appear. Because of the specificity of human body, when the body is exposed to the allergens, such as pollen and microorganisms, people will easily suffer from skin itching and sneezing. What should we do is to pay more attention to avoiding exposure to allergens. The following tips are brought to you by TAG for allergy-free in spring. Enjoy it!



1. Find and analyze your allergens and try to avoid contact or make less exposure to allergens. 



2.Maintain indoor ventilation and house clean  



3. Pay attention to the use of household goods  


People who are susceptible to allergy should not use feather quilts, down pillows and other down products, because feather products will also breed allergens such as microbes after being used for a long time. At the same time, the plush toys in the home should also be kept clean, for the plush toys are easy to gather dust and to cause allergies.



4. Develop good habits  


Washing, drying clothes and airing quilts in order to reduce mite reproduction. We can also use air cleaners and filters to remove allergens, such as indoor pollen, animal hair and dust.



5. Keep good mood  


Mental stress is often one of the causes of allergy. Try to be positive and optimistic as much as possible, because when the mental stress is high, the release of histamine, the main substance that causes allergies in the body, will increase.



6. Protect yourself when you go out  


In spring, since there are a lot of substances that can cause an allergy such as pollen, catkins and dust mite in the environment, people who are allergic to those substances should avoid going out. If you're going out, please remember to wear masks and sunglasses and avoid being exposed to allergens. When returning home, you should wash face, or rinse the nose with light salt water, which helps to clean up the allergies in the nose and reduce or relieve the allergic symptoms.



7. Take the appropriate nursing from the diet 


Besides honey, you can eat plenty of foods that contain a lot of anti-inflammatory and ant anaphylaxis substances, such as red dates, carrots, flammulina velutipes, onion and garlic, which can effectively prevent allergic reactions such as pollen allergy and allergic dermatitis.



This is the end of the tips of staying allergy-free in spring here, and if you have other good ways, welcome to share with us.








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