Comepack 招募市场部实习生,可留用,含翻译职责.

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市场部实习生(德国独资市中心上班可留用) 职位描述:

a. 依照原来和其他供应商的合同,进行打字输入
b. 确认合同中需要显示的原料选用以及账期对应价格
c. 核对中英文是否正确

项目租赁清洗合同 (Edscha, Mahle, BHTC extension, SBTS new concept)

a 依据大纲合同录入
b. 编辑合同附件相应条款
c. 核对中英文是否正确

2 能保证一周三天以上出勤。
3 英语书面较好,能担当商业合同翻译的工作。
4 具备Office技能。
5 该职位根据实习表现有留用机会。

Comepack is a global logistics service provider and pool operator for multi-way packaging from Germany. comepack offers individual and client specific system solutions for every industry. With well-known clients from the automotive, textile, pharmacy, cosmetics and electronics industries, comepack developed successful logistic solutions for their multi-way packaging.

From our Shanghai headquarter; we control all services like cleaning, storage, warehousing, administration and distribution throughout China. In 2008 comepack founded branch offices in Beijing and Guangzhou and in 2010 we founded branch offices in Wuxi and Chuzhou, with the result of a better and more efficient coverage throughout China. Next to domestic business, we also go across borders. As being a part of the Roman Mayer group we also handle forwarding, logistics as well as transportation worldwide.

The company goal is to continuously develop our network of services worldwide. By doing so, comepack will be able to answer the continuously growing demand as well as being able to deliver a durable economic attractive service.

If you feel that above mentioned position is the right challenge for you and if you want to be a member of a fast growing company with many opportunities, please send your resume and strong motivation letter in Chinese and English to

康派克是一家致力于可循环物流容器管理和全球物流系统管理的德国公司。 每天康派克都在为全球知名的企业进行可循环物流容器的管理。 这些企业来自于汽车行业, 家用电器行业, 纺织行业, 医药行业, 化妆品行业以及电子行业。

康派克位于上海的中国区总部管理著中国区的各项业务, 这些业务包括可循环物流容器的租赁, 清洗,仓储管理, 空箱配送管理和行政管理. 至2010 年, 康派克已经在北京, 广州, 无锡和南京设立了分公司和营运中心, 更好的为中国区的客户提供了便捷的服务。







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