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Located at North Huan Cheng Road in Fengxian District Shanghai, BMTS Shanghai has experienced a fast development after its investment in Shanghai. It established its factory in Shanghai in 2013, officially opened in 2014, set up its technology center and put its two projects into mass production in 2015. It is estimated that it will gain a production capacity of 1 million turbochargers per year by 2018. This is why it is called a “Dark Horse” in the industry. 

How are they making good use of their advantages as a new comer in the industry? 

What can Shanghai learn from their success to develop its advanced manufacturing industry? 

Today, we are about to interview Mr. Markus Bube, General Manger of BMTS (Shanghai), a German who humorously called himself “Old Ma ( Ma means Horse in Chinese ).” He said that his company Bosch Mahle and himself were “Two Mas” and they both love Shanghai very much.

It’s very important to have strength in R&D and


BMTS, co-founded by Bosch and Mahle, has its headquarter in Stuttgart Germany. BMTS Shanghai has grown into a company which has all functions such as marketing, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, research and development, etc., under one roof since it officially opened. 

I go straight to the point to start the interview: “How are you making good use of your advantages as a new comer in the industry?” 

According to Markus, BMTS (Shanghai), a company specializing in developing and manufacturing turbochargers of world-class quality, opened for business on November 25, 2014 and put into mass production on January 19, 2015. Its Shanghai-based research and development center was also set up in 2015. BMTS Shanghai offers its customers a comprehensive service package: to guarantee optimal support, all business functions were established on site for the areas of sales, purchasing, production and quality assurance, logistics as well as simulation, design, application, and validation. This speeds up the building of technical know-how and therefore endows BMTS the local innovative and decision-making capability, enabling BMTS to be agile and respond efficiently to customer requirements. One more thing that sets BMTS apart from the competition is its high systems competence. Each turbocharger is specifically applied to the respective engine and the customer requirements. 

“Products and innovative abilities are of extreme importance for a company. Some media regarded us as a “Dark Horse.” This is the recognition of our fast development in the past two years and we are very much encouraged,” remarked Markus, “In the future, we will manage to maintain the tendency and enhance our research and development capabilities.” 

I asked again: “Shanghai is currently making proactive efforts to develop its advanced manufacturing industry and construct its world-class technological innovation center. In what way do you think this can be geared to your company’s development?”

Markus smiled: “As a matter of fact, BMTS is a practitioner in developing intelligent manufacturing industry. As a high-tech company, we have brought Industry 4.0 elements into use for production with its state-of-the-art modern equipment. For instance, all of our instruments are highly automatic combined with IT technologies, and we never stop improving our production process and procedure. Presently, we are providing the China market with turbochargers and we are planning to sell them to other markets. We are applying for our first patent in the name of BMTS Shanghai, and this is a symbol that we will further strengthen our research and development capabilities to address challenges in the future. We hope we can take the locally-developed innovative technologies into international projects. I want to stress that BMTS attaches great importance to nourish and maintain its research and development capabilities because this is extremely important for us to maintain a lasting success in the volatile market. Our innovative capabilities and flexible management have convinced us of bigger market share in the future.”

Looking forward to a Better Environment for Investment  in Shanghai

 ”It’s very interesting that you should choose Shanghai as a place to establish your company. Could you please tell me the reason?” 

He replied that Shanghai, as a cosmopolis with unmatched strengths in finance, foreign investment policy, transportation and talent introduction, boasts positive investment environment, favorable innovation climate, abundant scientific research and talent resources, and great potential for sustainable development.

”Our parent companies Bosch and Mahle have their China’s headquarters located in Shanghai, so does our company.” Markus smiled and said that that is because Shanghai offers a range of policies favorable for the development of advanced manufacturing industries, and they found that the investment environment is improving there for foreign-invested enterprises to provide easy interaction between foreign-invested enterprises and all sectors of the society. Shanghai is obviously seeking to create a good investment and management environment for foreign enterprises in terms of non-discrimination, market entry, national treatment and transparency, etc. Besides, the enterprises feel more convenient in tax payment, business transactions and transportation. 

”You are developing so fast as an example of advanced high-tech manufacturing industry. Do you owe your success to your talent team?” I asked. 

He smiled and answered “Sure”. The abundant human resources in Shanghai is a key factor to attract foreign capitals and a sound foundation for the development of high-tech manufacturing industry. The human resources in Shanghai consists of both young top graduates from renowned universities such as Tongji University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University and various professionals recommended by employment services, including skilled labors in installation, transportation & handling, public security, etc.

”In Shanghai, the enterprises’ demand for talents can be fully satisfied to greatly facilitate their development.” Markus said, “Although BMTS Shanghai is located in the suburbs of Shanghai, we have continuous supply of talents from the huge labor market. It is the talent team that supports the development of the company.” 

Markus has talked so much in favor of Shanghai, and I continued to catch him up, as a foreign-invested manufacture operating in Shanghai, “What do you expect and require from our government?”

”As an enterprise, we hope to build effective communications with the relating departments of government for more favorable investment policies and more relaxed investment environment. We expect that the innovative systems piloted in Shanghai Free Trade Zone now, say negative list, tend to be copied and popularized in Fengxian District.” Markus said, “We focus more on attracting and retaining enough research and technical talents, so we expect that the government will publish more open and diverse housing policies and give more convenience on talents settlement, customs clearance and so on. 

Markus was quite frank about unveiling the company’s operational difficulties. He said that the current weakness in Fengxian District was found in transportation so he also expected that its infrastructure including transportation can be improved soon. “It’s essential for us to attract and retain talents!”

At last, I asked Markus how he thought of living in Shanghai. 

”I have worked in Detroit and Farmington Hills of U.S. and Stuttgart of Germany for years and stayed in Suzhou and Nanjing near Shanghai for 10 years, but I’ve never thought of leaving since I came here in 2014.” Markus said with a smile, “I enjoy living in Shanghai and the city is very suitable for development of auto industry.”

Source:Investment Promotion Magazine

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