造房子的故事&拉赫和麦克白 Bauhaus & Rachmaninoff and Macbeth

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此次讨论会由证大文化艺术资产管理部和MORE INCLUSIVE 工作室主办。地点位于上海市证大喜玛拉雅中心VIP空间。会场空间是一座来自江西婺源的明代老宅,木质结构保存完好,顶部藻井成为整个空间的会议区主要视觉中心,并人造模仿天光效果。

The seminar was hosted by the Department of Culture and Art Assets Management and MORE INCLUSIVE Studio.  It was located in the VIP space of shanghai himalayas Center, which is a Ming Dynasty old house from Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province. The wooden structure is well preserved, and the top caisson becomes the main visual center of the conference area of the whole space, and artificial imitation of the skylight effect.


Guo Qiming, the chairman and architect of Shang Sheng education technology, shared the story of building a house - the thinking of Chinese people.  From the art works such as the Yellow painting "the old house" and the oil painting "Nestle", the Chinese people can be extracted from the emotion of "home", that is, the nesting is the human instinct. 


Mr. Guo Qiming participated in the construction of temporary housing and seismic housing in Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, and concluded that the housing collapse of Wenchuan earthquake caused a tragedy. Most of the reason was that the precast boards used for building construction were lump down.


From the brick room, temporary lunch has been submerged building a city of Venice, Tibet, Jiangsu Lianyungang landmark Potala Palace paintings, the ancient vernacular architecture to be reflected on one by one.


Residence is the people living wisdom accumulation, the tree house in Yunnan, London in the shack, laugh Kang Shan Temple and other traditional houses, and housing and migration in the reconstruction of the ceremony on the beam, beam as a person's spine formation, must choose the auspicious worship.


The Chinese and foreign architectural ideas can be seen from the Chinese and foreign historical buildings. China ancient buildings is extremely exquisite music spirit and grading system, building system construction was guarded, more akin to a heritage of the temple as the material. And the architecture is elegant in Fengshui, and it is thought that geomantic water will affect the living state and fate of the residents. In foreign countries, such as the  power of the Pope is higher than the imperial power, it is more inclined to the magnificence and the feeling of the architecture. 


Due to the impact of foreign culture, modern architecture has developed a partial deviation from the aesthetic form. So how to rationally carry out the modern practice of traditional ideas? The architecture itself is growing and growing from the local culture. It is the crystallization and carrier of national culture and regional culture. Therefore, the creation of modern architecture with national characteristics and regional characteristics is the historical responsibility of Chinese designers. We should not only pay attention to the traditional culture of China, but also pay attention to the combination of advanced western technology. 


The future living environment tends to form a living mode combining modern technology with natural energy, and use solar power, natural rainwater, livestock farms, organic farms and biogas energy boards to solve daily life needs, and return to the pastoral lifestyle. In the future, the trend of future development is to be with nature, to pay attention to the spiritual and physiological needs of all the people and to pay attention to the process and procedure.


What Danqing Wang and Xiaobai Fan have shared with us was Rachmaninoff and Macbeth. Designers are people who can change our future, so the way they define beauty is quite essential for the human race.



The difference between being good looking and being beautiful is delicate in most situations. But good looking is a subjective feeling, however, beauty is a state of objective existence. Think about a Channel 255, a bag that is designed just big enough for a lipstick, some love letters, and tips, which glows when being used by a mature, elegant lady. They are the essentials for her: to love herself, to be loved, and to love the world by showing of respect. That is to say, beauty, like love is a strength or a delicate balance achieved by fighting against stress.  

Disease of the Pianist Rachmaninoff brought him excruciating  pain while also boosted his ability to play piano. Through his own personal hell, he wrote his Piano Concerto No. 2, and shocked the whole world with his talent and sheer strength to stair into darkness and somehow brought light out of it.


Overall, the movie Macbeth showed exquisite compositions. The palette of it was foul and beautiful. Images and simple audio told us a typical Shakespearean tragic story. The last scene represents hope, in which soldiers were combating on a battleground, along with some yellow lens flares in the background. Just like the Piano Concerto No. 2 by Rachmaninoff, generating strength from desperation.


Liang Zheng: multi-role experience --Running a marathon for design

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