GCR-0133 Juanjo Mena;BBC PO-Mahler S3

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BBC Philharmonic, Mena: Mahler Symphony No 3

Radio 3 in Concert


From the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester

Presented by Tom Redmond

Mahler: Symphony No 3

Karen Cargill (mezzo-soprano)

BBC National Chorus of Wales

Boy and Girl Choristers of Gloucester Cathedral

BBC Philharmonic

Juanjo Mena (conductor)

Described by Mahler as "one great hymn to the glory of every aspect of creation" his majestic Third Symphony entrances and humbles us as we are taken on an epic journey through nature; through the meadows, through the animal and human kingdoms, and then beyond that to the realm of the angels and finally to "the love of God". However, he doesn't neglect the "everyday"; we hear a military march, a children's song and fragments of a folk dance too. Mezzo-soprano Karen Cargill joins the orchestra for the awestruck fourth movement, which Mahler titled "What night tells me (mankind)", setting a poem by Nietzsche who searches desperately to make sense of the grief and joy of the world, and the Boy and Girl Choristers of Gloucester Cathedral and the ladies' voices of the BBC National Chorus of Wales bring us the shining bells and the song of the angels.





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