StartupGrind Hosts Howard Donaldson (Lunar Owl Studios)

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Howard Donaldson is CEO of Lunar Owl Studios, a new venture focused on video games. He has over 20 years’ experience as a senior operating and financial executive at global entertainment and technology companies including Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts Canada, McGraw-Hill Education Group and Vanedge Capital (Venture Capital).

Howard Donaldson 是Lunar Owl 工作室的CEO,专注电竞游戏。过去20多年,他在全球著名的娱乐及技术公司,担任资深运营及财务高管,包括在迪斯尼互动娱乐、加拿大电子艺界、麦格劳希尔教育集团、以及风投基金Vanedge Capital。

Most recently, Howard was a Partner and CFO for Vanedge Capital in Vancouver. The VC fund achieved a superior track record of company exits and investment returns. Prior to Vanedge, Howard was Vice President of Studio Operations for Disney Interactive with general oversight for internal studios. He also co-founded Propaganda Games in Vancouver which was later sold to The Walt Disney Company.  

Howard 曾担任温哥华Vanedge 基金的CFO及合伙人。该风投基金有着极佳的退出及回报记录。在此之前,Howard是迪斯尼互动娱乐的工作室运营的副总裁,运营内部的工作室。他还是温哥华Propaganda 游戏公司的共同创始人,该公司被迪斯尼收购。

Howard was previously Vice President and CFO for Electronic Arts Canada. As a business partner and active member of the executive team, he was responsible for directing strategic business plans that resulted in annual double digit growth in revenue to almost $1 billion, creating the largest interactive studio in the world.  


At 7:15, Dhruv Adhia, the Co-founder & CTO of H+Technology will lead a workshop on Holographic platforms and Human Adaptive Interfaces . H+ was founded in 2012 by Dhruv Adhia, Vincent Yang, and Yamin Li in Vancouver, BC. H+ designs and creates Human Adaptive Interfaces that closely understand human behavior through gestures, emotions, speech and other sensory input. Prior to H+, Dhruv was Technical Director of D-Sign Touchless Interactive, Designer and Developer of Microsoft, and TransLink.

晚7:15,H+ Technology的CTO和共同创始人 Dhruv Adhia 将为大家介绍全息平台以及自适应界面。H+是由Dhruv Adhia, Vincent Yang, 和Yamin Li于2012年在温哥华创立。H+专注设计及开发自适应界面,可以通过人的动作、表情、语言、及其他传感输入,实时了解人的行为。在创立H+之前,Dhruv是D-Sign Touchless Interactive的技术总监,也是微软和TransLink的设计开发师。

H+'s product Holus is a tabletop platform that converts any digital content from a computer, tablet or smartphone into a 3D, holographic experience.



7:00pNetworking, wine, and light dinner


7:15p Workshop with Dhruv about Holographic platforms and Human Adaptive Interfaces


8:00p Fireside Chat and Q&A with Howard

晚8点 开始采访Howard

9:00p Informal discussion and networking

晚9点 会后交谈

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11/23, Wed, 7p-10p

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